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Encore | Roar

Since I've Got Sunkern Now

One of the Joys (Violet city Joy is a busy body, no one knows this, but she is)

Keeps asking if I'm going to evolve my pokemon.

I asked her if she was going to Evolve her Chansey.

"What? Chansey doesn't evolve."

I showed her my Sinnohdex and she was like, "Ohh no! I love Chansey the way she is!"

I was like, "Enough said."

Sentret doesn't seem to want to evolve. It should have gone long a while back, but I'm fine.

:D It's come a long way from being a little egg. It's a real fast mover.

And as for Redenbacher (my Sunkernasaurus)

Eh, if I find a Sunstone, I'll ask. Other than that I'm going to keep shocking people.

It's been a week since I got it too. It's really fierce... unless it's a fire pokemon or a bird Pokemon. I think Redenbacher hates Pidgey more than I do! :D

I've been boycotting Pokemon centers too. I've been getting used to camping. Johto is nice for that.