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Encore | Roar

So On a Random Day

Training near Violet, well I was kind of near violet, near Ecruteak. I wanted Sentret to battle some stronger pokemon.

The National Park is nice. I'd been there before. There were a few trainers that gave me a hard time, but it was cool.

...And then I got hit on the head.

By a Sunkern.

Look, Sunkerns are okay Pokemon.

They're cute. I'm pretty sure they're useless though.

I'm pretty sure they were.

But there was a problem with this one. Not only did it hit me in the head, after I shooed it away, it kept following me around.



But it kept on hopping going, "Ker-ker-KERN!"

So I had to turn around and tell it what was up!

...And it spit seeds at me.


Limonada was about to go straight up gangster on this little seed when it just went bonkers.

There were leaves and vines and

...Look, we ran okay.

We ran.

It's just me an Limonada! This thing was like a Sunkernasuarus rex! Lucky I didn't have a bird pokemon...

Limonada's all looking at me like ('_') and I'm like "DON'T JUDGE ME!"

Limonada: >___>
Me: T___T

And then the Sunkern re-appeared.

Limonada: >D *ready to battle*

So Limonada went a head and was battling. While I was you know, cheering it on.


I went to go hide in some tall grass. Look, I'm not going to lie.

It was coming for me again, spitting seeds until Limonada wrapped it up in its tail and slammed it to the ground.

Sunkern was straight up KO'd.

Now, I managed to weedle a new pokedex out of the prof in Sinnoh so, I checked on this Sunkernasaurus.

Sunkern, the Seed Pokemon! It suddenly falls out of the sky in the morning. A year after a cold summer, their population explodes.

Level 30

Known Moves:

Bullet Seed
Razor Leaf
Grass Whistle

This pokemon has the Chlorophyll ability and has a Rash nature.

My Sentret is only level 26 now. That was an awesome battle! THE RESULTS OF MY TRAINING ARE CLEAR!!!

Sentret started pantomiming for me to throw a pokeball.

"Wait, you want this monster on our team?"

Sentret: >D *jabs air*

"Oh, you need someone to box with? Okay."

I dug around in my bag, last week I called the ranch, had one of the attendants go to my house and get some of my Pokeballs to transport over. My days of scrounging up Poke to buy balls are long gone.

I hit it with a Heal Ball, watched it wriggle (Don't know why, Limonada pwn'd this thing) and I caught a Sunkern.

I'm a little puzzled as it how it'd know Bullet seed without being evolved, but I've seen Pokemon use moves the 'Dex says they can't. Like Pikachus with Iron Tail and Hayashigames with Rock Climb. All kinds of crazy shit.

I let Sunkern out immediately and it gave me a look like D<

"What are you gonna do?" I asked it.

It Bullet Seeded me in the face and I ran.

There's a reason I don't raise grass types. I went to hide behind a tree and Limonada smacked it with its tail.

Of course now, I can take that monster to the Gyms with me. I didn't go see Faulkner, I'll go back for him when I feel like it.

I'm going to go see Morty and get some sweet revenge.

When I came through here a few years ago, he just made me look bad. I had to challenge his Gym three times.

I was really young the first time and I called my Mom crying about how I wasn't cut out for this.

All I had then was Steve, my Murkrow, and my Ledyba. I was not in a good place. I'd wanted to catch a Mareep, but they were really mean and shocky back in the day.

...might have something to do with me running up to one and hugging it aggressively.

Note to rookie trainers DON'T HUG POKEMON. THEY HATE THAT SHIT.

Anyway, I have a Sunkern now.


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