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Encore | Roar

Getting Stronger

Sentret is definitely getting stronger. I guess surrounded by the good air of its home region it's just getting a boost from nature.

I don't know if I'll bother with Gyms, but Trainer battles are definitely getting better.

People want to make fun of my little Limonada, but the other day, he started scratching this girl's Igglybuff and wouldn't stop.


Looks like we're done with basic scratches.

That one ended in a nice K.O.

I haven't really been considering any other pokemon, but I have been giving treats to the local Pokemon. There are certain types I really like to train, but I hear there are some tauros that have been introduced into the wild!

I'd really like to get one if I can.

We got chased by some Spearow the other day and it just gave me wonderful memories of when I was a kid trying to do Kanto by myself.

Yeah, Mom didn't like that at all. She sent her Pokemon with me.

I kept trying to troll the gyms with her gangster Venusaur, but it wouldn't listen to me AT ALL. XD

I'll keep training. Limonada will too.

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