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Encore | Roar

Not off to a great start

"Jack? ...wait, I gave you a Totodile a few years back."

"Yeah! Steve is doing great but I came to see if -."

"No, beginning trainers only. You know how to catch pokemon already."

"...but I thought I could maybe get a Chiko-."

"Look, there's a conference coming, I've got a lot of paper work. Have my assistant show you out."

Look, there's a reason why no one likes Elm. I'm just saying.

So, it's a no go for me.

The beginner pokemon were soooooo cute! There was this girly little Totodile prancing around like a ballerina and the Chikorita kept smacking the Cyndaquil on the back with its leaf.

It was being such a butt. I love it.


Well, I guess me and Limonada will go at it alone.

I've got some of my specialty balls and since night is falling, maybe I should look for another Murkrow?

...I don't know.

The first time I came through it was all so exciting and new.

I got from Olivine to New Bark pretty damn fast because I used up a lot of Poke to get a ride and then take the express and then I rented a bike...

Limonada loved the bike ride or at least that's what I hope all that hair pulling and


Was about.

...Elm is such a fucking dick. GIMME A DAMN CHIKORITA MAN! DAMN IT!


I got stuck walking to god damn Cherrygrove, a few hours ago some little boy ran past me in his orange striped running shoes! D<


YOU DEPRESS THE "B" Symbol on the TONGUE! D<

Lil bastards running ahead of me...

Joy said they gave priority to the kids. The pokecenter doesn't have a lot of spaces she said.

See, this isn't Cherrygrove Joy. This is actually her cousin's little sister from Blackthorn who married into the Kanto Joy family and then moved back to the Johto region after a six year break.

They think I can't tell. I can tell.

I'm friends with the Joy girls in Hoenn, I got the gossip. I was three relative away from getting invited to the Hoenn region Joy family reunion. I don't even play.

So anyway, after I get off the computer, maybe I can crash in the lobby ... D< OR SLEEP OUTSIDE.

I mean I did pack my tent and stuff, I have them in extra Pokeballs, but I don't wanna sleep outside. COME ON.

Let me tell you something, when I was in Sinnoh, I only slept outside a few times and that was because I really loved the scenery, not because I like sleeping on the DAMN GROUND.

...Son of a MUK, I'm gonna have to sleep outside! T___T

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