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Encore | Roar

I don't get it, no one thinks I'm from Hoenn!

There are ferries that come from there you know! It's like once every few months, it's not regular like the Sinnoh one and there was no way I was about to fly to Sinnoh then go ALLLLL the way to Johto.

This boat ride took long enough.

So, now that my Pokegear is back in range, I got those little girl's numbers! They live here and said I could come and battle it with Limonada anytime!

:D I think he's a lot stronger than before! When I get more open space, we're going to perfect our quick attack!

I'm going to go see Elm and see if I can't snag a new pokemon from him! If not, I'll just go to the poke-mart, stock up on pokeballs and get this show on the road.

Lol, the last time I was here, I had a real hard time with Morty.

I almost feel like trolling and bringing Steve back through here, but that would be so monstrously unfair.

Ah... Johto.

...I'm hungry. Time to crash a pokecenter. XD

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