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Encore | Roar

One Day at a Time

I'd like to get off the Ferry now.


In anycase, today, we fought the little girls again. Cleffa and Igglybuff versus my Sentret, one at a time of course!

We lost to Cleffa, but there was a nice moment when Sentret curled up and released, looking more tough and confident!

I recognized it right away and used it in the battle against Igglybuff.

"Iggy! Use POUND on that little one!"

"Oh no! Use Defense Curl, quickly!"

Sentret just looked at me.

"Curl up and hide!"

And that worked!


Cute pokemon hitting and scratching each other is "Sooo~ CUTE!" as the sisters kept declaring through out the fight.

Yes, it was cute. And we won that second battle.

After a nice rest, we went to the cafeteria again. I know you're not supposed to give pokemon sweet drinks all the time, but this little one really likes Lemonade.


So I'm going to call it Limonada.

I checked my Pokegear. We're close to Johto. The cell bars are low, but if I tune it just right and get one desk I can pick up stations.

I wonder if Buena still has a radio show? I still have my point card! :D

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