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Encore | Roar

So Yeah

My Poketch is like out of range out here, that's fine.

But get this, there's no Journal app on my Pokegear. There's one computer on this boat and I had to wait to get a turn on it. This damn thing is stopping at every port on the way to Johto, not that I care too, too much!


Anyway, when I got back, everyone had gotten my things for me.

XD It was so wonderful of them all, but then I saw my room and realized that Pokemon can't pack and that Roentora found my stash of poffins and Zippy has indeed, eaten ALL of my pokeblock.


I took them to the daycare and went to go get Steve. I was going to take him along, but apparently, he's lord of the Mudkip now. He was giving them rides on his tail.


So it's just me and baby Sentret. What a cute pokemon, really. We battled some little girls, they were cute with their tubes, and we lost both times, but I think the experience was valuable.

Sentret has a strong scratch attack and doesn't like going back in its ball. It likes riding along on my head and when I put it down it bounces up and down on its tail, begging to be picked back up.

It's young.

I don't have any real plans for Johto, but I want to visit Professor Elm.

...And ask for a new starter!

XD I'm not ten years old, but surely he can give me one?

Sentret is beating me in the back of my head with it's tail. Looks like it's feeding time.

D; No good at Pokemon food, we're both going to the cafeteria!!!

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