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Encore | Roar

Someone Tell Me

Why I'm at a Pokecenter instead of my own warm bed in my own warm home?

Really, I couldn't put off the trip until sunrise?

I couldn't take Zippy or something?

Jesus, you know, you'd think at 24 I'd have this shit together.

Still, it is nice being cuddled up to my pokemon on one of these ridiculous bunk beds.

I'm sharing the room with two rookie trainers.

Seedot is sleeping on the table and will probably awaken with the dawn. The other trainer's Zigzagoon is out for the count, stretched across the rug.

It takes me back.

I missed dinner though.

Tomorrow I'll go back to my house and CORRECTLY prepare to take Sentret to see my Johto pokemon. Steve should be overjoyed to see me, he always is... causing havoc down there at the lab.

Do you know how many trainers think their Mudkips are going to evolve into Feraligators? LOL

AWESOME. >D I love rookie trainers.