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Morty's a Jerk

"I only do official battles for badges."

I was all ready to go! I mean I'd hyped up my Sunkern, Redenbacher was ready to pwn some ghosts and this bitch...







I called Mom about it, she says I need to "relax".

I can go troll the League if I don't have any badges! THIS SHIT AIN'T FAIR!

;3; ...what am I gonna do?

That's all right. It's fine. D<

I don't even like Johto! I should go over to Kanto and go see my mother! And then... you know...

>__> Get some badges and troll the league. *shrugs*

Map Pins:

Story From Long Ago

When I was much younger and I came through Johto the first time, I had a big problem when I faced Morty's gym.

I don't care what the shows says or the interviews showed, at twelve years old, there was just no way I had the trainer ability or the emotional maturity to really deal with loss or going through some of these gyms.

When I was twelve, Morty's gym was big, dark, and scary. I barely fought my way through one of his training assistant when I begged them to show me out (with all of my pokemon KO'd).

I had Steve, he was still a little Waninoko, Double, my Yamikarasu, and Rider, my Ledyba. I thought we would be all right, for some reason I really remember my mother telling me Bug pokemon worked great on Ghost pokemon.

That was a lie, well I don't think I remembered it right.
Long Sad StoryCollapse )

You know what, I think I hate Johto... I have a lot of BAD memories here. XD

Map Pins:

Since I've Got Sunkern Now

One of the Joys (Violet city Joy is a busy body, no one knows this, but she is)

Keeps asking if I'm going to evolve my pokemon.

I asked her if she was going to Evolve her Chansey.

"What? Chansey doesn't evolve."

I showed her my Sinnohdex and she was like, "Ohh no! I love Chansey the way she is!"

I was like, "Enough said."

Sentret doesn't seem to want to evolve. It should have gone long a while back, but I'm fine.

:D It's come a long way from being a little egg. It's a real fast mover.

And as for Redenbacher (my Sunkernasaurus)

Eh, if I find a Sunstone, I'll ask. Other than that I'm going to keep shocking people.

It's been a week since I got it too. It's really fierce... unless it's a fire pokemon or a bird Pokemon. I think Redenbacher hates Pidgey more than I do! :D

I've been boycotting Pokemon centers too. I've been getting used to camping. Johto is nice for that.

So On a Random Day

Training near Violet, well I was kind of near violet, near Ecruteak. I wanted Sentret to battle some stronger pokemon.

The National Park is nice. I'd been there before. There were a few trainers that gave me a hard time, but it was cool.

...And then I got hit on the head.

By a Sunkern.

Look, Sunkerns are okay Pokemon.

They're cute. I'm pretty sure they're useless though.

I'm pretty sure they were.

But there was a problem with this one. Not only did it hit me in the head, after I shooed it away, it kept following me around.



But it kept on hopping going, "Ker-ker-KERN!"

So I had to turn around and tell it what was up!

...And it spit seeds at me.


Limonada was about to go straight up gangster on this little seed when it just went bonkers.

There were leaves and vines and

...Look, we ran okay.

We ran.

It's just me an Limonada! This thing was like a Sunkernasuarus rex! Lucky I didn't have a bird pokemon...

Limonada's all looking at me like ('_') and I'm like "DON'T JUDGE ME!"

Limonada: >___>
Me: T___T

And then the Sunkern re-appeared.

Limonada: >D *ready to battle*

So Limonada went a head and was battling. While I was you know, cheering it on.


I went to go hide in some tall grass. Look, I'm not going to lie.

It was coming for me again, spitting seeds until Limonada wrapped it up in its tail and slammed it to the ground.

Sunkern was straight up KO'd.

Now, I managed to weedle a new pokedex out of the prof in Sinnoh so, I checked on this Sunkernasaurus.

Sunkern, the Seed Pokemon! It suddenly falls out of the sky in the morning. A year after a cold summer, their population explodes.

Level 30

Known Moves:

Bullet Seed
Razor Leaf
Grass Whistle

This pokemon has the Chlorophyll ability and has a Rash nature.

My Sentret is only level 26 now. That was an awesome battle! THE RESULTS OF MY TRAINING ARE CLEAR!!!

Sentret started pantomiming for me to throw a pokeball.

"Wait, you want this monster on our team?"

Sentret: >D *jabs air*

"Oh, you need someone to box with? Okay."

I dug around in my bag, last week I called the ranch, had one of the attendants go to my house and get some of my Pokeballs to transport over. My days of scrounging up Poke to buy balls are long gone.

I hit it with a Heal Ball, watched it wriggle (Don't know why, Limonada pwn'd this thing) and I caught a Sunkern.

I'm a little puzzled as it how it'd know Bullet seed without being evolved, but I've seen Pokemon use moves the 'Dex says they can't. Like Pikachus with Iron Tail and Hayashigames with Rock Climb. All kinds of crazy shit.

I let Sunkern out immediately and it gave me a look like D<

"What are you gonna do?" I asked it.

It Bullet Seeded me in the face and I ran.

There's a reason I don't raise grass types. I went to hide behind a tree and Limonada smacked it with its tail.

Of course now, I can take that monster to the Gyms with me. I didn't go see Faulkner, I'll go back for him when I feel like it.

I'm going to go see Morty and get some sweet revenge.

When I came through here a few years ago, he just made me look bad. I had to challenge his Gym three times.

I was really young the first time and I called my Mom crying about how I wasn't cut out for this.

All I had then was Steve, my Murkrow, and my Ledyba. I was not in a good place. I'd wanted to catch a Mareep, but they were really mean and shocky back in the day.

...might have something to do with me running up to one and hugging it aggressively.

Note to rookie trainers DON'T HUG POKEMON. THEY HATE THAT SHIT.

Anyway, I have a Sunkern now.


Map Pins:

Getting Stronger

Sentret is definitely getting stronger. I guess surrounded by the good air of its home region it's just getting a boost from nature.

I don't know if I'll bother with Gyms, but Trainer battles are definitely getting better.

People want to make fun of my little Limonada, but the other day, he started scratching this girl's Igglybuff and wouldn't stop.


Looks like we're done with basic scratches.

That one ended in a nice K.O.

I haven't really been considering any other pokemon, but I have been giving treats to the local Pokemon. There are certain types I really like to train, but I hear there are some tauros that have been introduced into the wild!

I'd really like to get one if I can.

We got chased by some Spearow the other day and it just gave me wonderful memories of when I was a kid trying to do Kanto by myself.

Yeah, Mom didn't like that at all. She sent her Pokemon with me.

I kept trying to troll the gyms with her gangster Venusaur, but it wouldn't listen to me AT ALL. XD

I'll keep training. Limonada will too.

Map Pins:


Guess who just got spooked by some HootHoot?


Not off to a great start

"Jack? ...wait, I gave you a Totodile a few years back."

"Yeah! Steve is doing great but I came to see if -."

"No, beginning trainers only. You know how to catch pokemon already."

"...but I thought I could maybe get a Chiko-."

"Look, there's a conference coming, I've got a lot of paper work. Have my assistant show you out."

Look, there's a reason why no one likes Elm. I'm just saying.

So, it's a no go for me.

The beginner pokemon were soooooo cute! There was this girly little Totodile prancing around like a ballerina and the Chikorita kept smacking the Cyndaquil on the back with its leaf.

It was being such a butt. I love it.


Well, I guess me and Limonada will go at it alone.

I've got some of my specialty balls and since night is falling, maybe I should look for another Murkrow?

...I don't know.

The first time I came through it was all so exciting and new.

I got from Olivine to New Bark pretty damn fast because I used up a lot of Poke to get a ride and then take the express and then I rented a bike...

Limonada loved the bike ride or at least that's what I hope all that hair pulling and


Was about.

...Elm is such a fucking dick. GIMME A DAMN CHIKORITA MAN! DAMN IT!


I got stuck walking to god damn Cherrygrove, a few hours ago some little boy ran past me in his orange striped running shoes! D<


YOU DEPRESS THE "B" Symbol on the TONGUE! D<

Lil bastards running ahead of me...

Joy said they gave priority to the kids. The pokecenter doesn't have a lot of spaces she said.

See, this isn't Cherrygrove Joy. This is actually her cousin's little sister from Blackthorn who married into the Kanto Joy family and then moved back to the Johto region after a six year break.

They think I can't tell. I can tell.

I'm friends with the Joy girls in Hoenn, I got the gossip. I was three relative away from getting invited to the Hoenn region Joy family reunion. I don't even play.

So anyway, after I get off the computer, maybe I can crash in the lobby ... D< OR SLEEP OUTSIDE.

I mean I did pack my tent and stuff, I have them in extra Pokeballs, but I don't wanna sleep outside. COME ON.

Let me tell you something, when I was in Sinnoh, I only slept outside a few times and that was because I really loved the scenery, not because I like sleeping on the DAMN GROUND.

...Son of a MUK, I'm gonna have to sleep outside! T___T

Map Pins:

I don't get it, no one thinks I'm from Hoenn!

There are ferries that come from there you know! It's like once every few months, it's not regular like the Sinnoh one and there was no way I was about to fly to Sinnoh then go ALLLLL the way to Johto.

This boat ride took long enough.

So, now that my Pokegear is back in range, I got those little girl's numbers! They live here and said I could come and battle it with Limonada anytime!

:D I think he's a lot stronger than before! When I get more open space, we're going to perfect our quick attack!

I'm going to go see Elm and see if I can't snag a new pokemon from him! If not, I'll just go to the poke-mart, stock up on pokeballs and get this show on the road.

Lol, the last time I was here, I had a real hard time with Morty.

I almost feel like trolling and bringing Steve back through here, but that would be so monstrously unfair.

Ah... Johto.

...I'm hungry. Time to crash a pokecenter. XD

Map Pins:

One Day at a Time

I'd like to get off the Ferry now.


In anycase, today, we fought the little girls again. Cleffa and Igglybuff versus my Sentret, one at a time of course!

We lost to Cleffa, but there was a nice moment when Sentret curled up and released, looking more tough and confident!

I recognized it right away and used it in the battle against Igglybuff.

"Iggy! Use POUND on that little one!"

"Oh no! Use Defense Curl, quickly!"

Sentret just looked at me.

"Curl up and hide!"

And that worked!


Cute pokemon hitting and scratching each other is "Sooo~ CUTE!" as the sisters kept declaring through out the fight.

Yes, it was cute. And we won that second battle.

After a nice rest, we went to the cafeteria again. I know you're not supposed to give pokemon sweet drinks all the time, but this little one really likes Lemonade.


So I'm going to call it Limonada.

I checked my Pokegear. We're close to Johto. The cell bars are low, but if I tune it just right and get one desk I can pick up stations.

I wonder if Buena still has a radio show? I still have my point card! :D

Map Pins:

So Yeah

My Poketch is like out of range out here, that's fine.

But get this, there's no Journal app on my Pokegear. There's one computer on this boat and I had to wait to get a turn on it. This damn thing is stopping at every port on the way to Johto, not that I care too, too much!


Anyway, when I got back, everyone had gotten my things for me.

XD It was so wonderful of them all, but then I saw my room and realized that Pokemon can't pack and that Roentora found my stash of poffins and Zippy has indeed, eaten ALL of my pokeblock.


I took them to the daycare and went to go get Steve. I was going to take him along, but apparently, he's lord of the Mudkip now. He was giving them rides on his tail.


So it's just me and baby Sentret. What a cute pokemon, really. We battled some little girls, they were cute with their tubes, and we lost both times, but I think the experience was valuable.

Sentret has a strong scratch attack and doesn't like going back in its ball. It likes riding along on my head and when I put it down it bounces up and down on its tail, begging to be picked back up.

It's young.

I don't have any real plans for Johto, but I want to visit Professor Elm.

...And ask for a new starter!

XD I'm not ten years old, but surely he can give me one?

Sentret is beating me in the back of my head with it's tail. Looks like it's feeding time.

D; No good at Pokemon food, we're both going to the cafeteria!!!

Map Pins:

Someone Tell Me

Why I'm at a Pokecenter instead of my own warm bed in my own warm home?

Really, I couldn't put off the trip until sunrise?

I couldn't take Zippy or something?

Jesus, you know, you'd think at 24 I'd have this shit together.

Still, it is nice being cuddled up to my pokemon on one of these ridiculous bunk beds.

I'm sharing the room with two rookie trainers.

Seedot is sleeping on the table and will probably awaken with the dawn. The other trainer's Zigzagoon is out for the count, stretched across the rug.

It takes me back.

I missed dinner though.

Tomorrow I'll go back to my house and CORRECTLY prepare to take Sentret to see my Johto pokemon. Steve should be overjoyed to see me, he always is... causing havoc down there at the lab.

Do you know how many trainers think their Mudkips are going to evolve into Feraligators? LOL

AWESOME. >D I love rookie trainers.


Linoone does not like baby Sentret.

It's been knocking its tail out from under it.

I had to have a "talk" with Wilzya.

Sometimes, I think I made a mistake bringing the team down to four. They never got used to any other pokemon. When Montega met my Roentora, I'd never seen a real Thunder battle before that one.

At least Mukuhawk and Zippy got along.

Limonada is so cute and small..

I'll take her to the lab to meet some of the other Johto pokemon.

I didn't travel there properly really, so maybe I should take Sentret and a few of the others I didn't spend time with and go...

I haven't gotten any response back from Joey via the letter I sent. God, I hope they integrate internet into the Poketch because I am not taking a fucking Pokegear back with me. It's so old school... maybe there are updates.


I've been busy, so busy lately!

That egg...

It hatched on the way.

I was walking through the Ash grass and it began to glow right there. What a display!

It gathered a lot of Spinda too! I love those things.

Anyway, it was a baby Sentret!

It reminded me that I hadn't traveled to Johto in some time, not since I was a kid.

Things were so much easier in those days...

Maybe I should go back, though Steve isn't such a tiny guy anymore.

...get a new starter?

It has been a while since I heard DJ Mary... I wonder if Joey still lives there?

Map Pins:


I went down to the local Pokecenter and Joy-san had a Poke-egg that someone forgot to pick up!

It's colored Brown and brown and stripped! I wonder what it could be!

I need to go up North and hunt down a Slugma! I don't have one of my own! I need its hot body to hatch this egg.

Map Pins:


I can't make them, but my Sinnoh Pokemon don't like Pokeblock.



In the Attic

I was rummaging around and I found my old backpack and Pokegear from Johto.

I'd since changed my number, but seriously...

There are twelve OLD ASS




God, I got online and brought up a good template. Seeing as I don't even know where he lives now, I just typed up a letter, printed it and sent it over to the Pokecenter. I'd send it through regular mail, but maybe he still goes to Pokecenters.

I am half interested to know if his Ratata ever evolved...

But honestly... honestly...


Also, found some Apricorns.

Lol wtf...


I went to the big contest today in town! It was so packed! It reminds me of when I went to see Melissa-san judge the Grand Festival.

...Why yes, I did go to a contest to see a judge. Suck it. I love Melissa-san. I spent a whole month trying to catch a Fuwante because of her. Melissa-san is so BEAUTIFUL FABULOUS AND LOVELY DESU!

I love her. She is so glamorous. I'm nothing like her, I prefer you know, pants and black and stuff, but she was on top of the game!


And the Joy-sans!


Anyway, someone was using a cute little Chinchou to do an appeal! I've never seen spark done in water like that. It didn't even shock itself or anything!

Someone made a "cool" appeal with an Absol. I was more interested in the fact that they had an Absol. I wanted to ask for a battle, but after I saw the trainer do the contest battles, I'm not too sure if they have what it takes.

Absol decided not to listen halfway through the match and while they still got a battle off, they lost major points.

Reminds me of when I saw that rookie in Sinnoh.

She had this stupid Manmoo...

Ugh, Manmoo.

Anyway, fun was had by all. I bought some pokemon goods!

I don't have a secret base, but I have a new Wailmer plush!

Took Mukuhawk out for a flight today. He scared a lot of wingull.

Growing Restless

Its been months since I beat Shirona and I'm getting bored.

I'm not saying it hasn't been fun being back home, going to the lab everyday and seeing my Pokemon., but Lilycove is a lot less interesting now than when I was on the road in those early days, wishing for the familiar smell of the sea and wondering if there would be Celadon and Goldenrod products there, if anyone back home had heard of Poffins or if there would be Fuwante plushies.

The whole time I was on the road, even here in my home region I'd missed it.

But now that I'm back...


Strange right? It's just so strange. 

I went to Sootopolis the other day, I flew with Zippy. We sat in on one the water shows.

I can't believe Wallace is champion and Juan is here. I'm not saying it's a different quality, but I can't help but wonder what happened to Steven.

I was going back home, flying on Zippy when I saw my Whailord. There wasn't much to land on so I just jumped off, straight for the water.

I hadn't seen Gumdrops in such a long time. I couldn't leave him at the lab, in a pokeball, so after I beat the league in Hoenn I let him swim free.

Diving into the water from the air was not a very good idea. First of all it hurt, second of all the water was cold, and then, I forgot I was carrying my bag so I sank dead away...

But Gumdrops got me right away.

I laughed and hung on to his back while he spouted water again and again.

I let most of my water pokemon free because I just couldn't see them being happy at the lab ranch. Sure there are ponds and few natural lakes, but Timmy and Gumdrops need deep water, they need to be with other pokemon.

I called to Zippy to follow along and I rode Wailord as far as I could back towards Lilycove. On the way I saw some Sharpedo, was tempted to catch another. I saw some Tentacool and threw them some pokemon food.

I didn't catch a chill in the warm sun and it was all too soon that I could see Lilycove coming up. I didn't want Gumdrops getting that close because I didn't want him beached and I don't have his pokeball anymore...

So I slid off into the water and you know...

Went home.

I was sad the whole way. It felt the same when I left Fearow back in Kanto. He was just so happy being the Spearow boss that I let him be. But I miss him. I miss him and Gumdrops, I miss them.

...Zippy was flying up high so he didn't see me crying like a little girl. I cried all the way back to Lilycove and just went home.

More pokemon mean more friends, but how can I bring them back to Hoenn when they love their homes?

I managed to use my winnings to get a place in Sinnoh... maybe if I can get more winnings and more money I can have my own ranch and everyone can be there...

Maybe Fearow too... maybe Gumdrops too. All of us, together.

Oh, Zippy is my Crobat. :D I love him.
Name: Jack
Height: Five eight, five nine with shoes on
Weight: Less than Wailord, how about that?
Sign: Libra
Lucky Color: Green green!
Lucky Number: Three!
Blood Type: A-
Appearance: Square glasses, shoulder length black hair, always wear one clip on the right side usually of a pokemon, currently of a Spheal. Black short jacket w/ t-shirt underneath, black jeans and boots. Always carrying a messenger bag with various items/devices, pokeballs. It's messy in there.
Favorite Item: Poketch
Favorite Food: Pasta with marinara
Favorite Pokemon Item: Hyper Potion
Favorite Pokemon Food: Block is better than Poffins. I LOVE BERRIES.
Favorite Pokemon: All of them! My Current Team! your Pokemon!
Favorite Place: Any place in HOENN!!! REPRESENT!!! YEAAAAH
I Hate: Pokemon that escape when the ball is just about to close, walking in the rain, one room pokecenters, snowy regions, when the laces snap on my running shoes
I Like: Cute water pokemon themed rain gear, limited edition Elekid Cap, Pokeball Seals, Hoenn, Beauties, Cool Trainers, random Magnemites, Pokefashion
I LOVE: Nurse Joys, Feebas, Buffet at Pokecenters, Contest Halls, Mr. Contesta, The Green Flag, Badges, Playing with My Pokemon, Watering my Berries, Watching Sinnoh Now on the National Network, Surfing with Pokemon, Watching the Stars

Anything else, just ask! If you ever see me hogging a computer at the Pokecenter, please don't hover over my shoulder. I'll let out one of my tiny bitey pokemon and make it chew your laces!


I love sending messages. There's a new Poketch app that lets me text, so give me your number! Not a big fan of phone calls, just don't abuse it!

*I'd really like a Sableye, a Seviper, a Teddiursa, a Glameow, and an Elekid! I haven't been able to catch any of those pokemon! D; I like trading in Pokemon centers and battling or training in the back! Are you a coordinator? Can I watch your act? Please excuse me going "FABULOUS, WONDERFUL, AMAZING!!!!" and spinning and dancing. I get excited.

Map Pins:

Yo ho~ My Aces

My Pokemon

Zippy (M)lvl 73

Fly, Wing Attack, Bite, Air Slash

Manectric Pictures, Images and Photos
Montega (F)lvl 73

Spark, Bite, Thunder Fang, Thunder

envious Pictures, Images and Photos
Wilzya (F) lvl 73

Headbutt, Strength, Slash, Surf

Roentora (M) lvl 73

Crunch, Thunder Fang, Spark, Iron Tail

StaraptorBW Pictures, Images and Photos
Mukkuhawk (M) lvl 73

Aerial Ace, Close Combat, Brave Bird, Wing Attack

Wailord Pictures, Images and Photos
Gumdrops (M) lvl ??? (over 56)
He lives on Route 125/126

Waterfall, Water Spout, Water Pulse, Dive

Honorable Mentions:

Mr. Stanley:lvl 42
McBeth:Bibarel Pictures, Images and Photoslvl 59
Karanakushi-chan:423 Gastrodon West Sinnoh Pictures, Images and Photos
Charles:lvl 48
Goro-Goro:Snorunt Pictures, Images and Photoslvl 57
Steve:lvl 74
Victoria:Vespiquen 416 Pictures, Images and Photoslvl 66

I released various Kanto pokemon back into their own habitats, I go back to visit often. I've left Sinnoh pokemon at ranches and I go visit them at least once a month!

Fresh Recruit:

sunkern Pictures, Images and Photos

Redenbacher (m) Lvl 33

Seed Bomb, Grass Whistle, Ingrain, Razor Leaf

sentret Pictures, Images and Photos
Limonada (f) Lvl 30

Slam, Fury Swipes, Rest, Defense Curl


Map Pins: